Tuesday, January 29, 2008

We all cash with UCASH

My main motive is to find new ways to increase the earning potential of users and website publishers.

Recently i got a mail from flixya of Ucash which is a unique way to make money from links from social bookmarking,websites and forums.

Wat is to be done???

Just place the link and earn.
Place the link and you will start earning.

How does it work??

You earn money for impressions of ads. Now you get impressions when somebody clicks on your link.

Secondly the it cuts the original into a small url.(for eg sites like tinyurl)

The User is redirected to the link

ADS are displayed in two ways:

Intermission ads (see example) are displayed before the destination page loads.

Top banner ads (see example) are displayed in a small top frame above the site you are linking to.

How much will I Earn??

Now i thought that i will earn very less from it but i suppose a person can make money easily from it.

The current Revenue Sharing Rate (RSR) is $1 US for every 4000 top frame impressions and $1 US for every 2000 intermission impressions

I suppose this may not earn much but still it will get you some extra income.

You also earn by referring and the special thing is that there are 10 referral levels.

Just refer your link by mail,forum or website.

So u still earn if others earn from your referral.
see this example

How Will i be paid??

Payment will be processed via paypal,Epassport or Moneybookers

What is the Minimum amount For Payment??

Minimum Amount is 15$

Join Ucash

Kontera's New Publisher Center Up and Moving

Kontera's Publisher Center is on. Kontera have started the new publisher's center which was in beta stage as earlier posted.

I used Kontera just for trial basis in a small blog and viewed their stats.

I must say the stats reporting is awesome and may be the best in the ad networks.

It includes many features rarely to to be found in ad reports.

I would list some of its prominent features:

  1. They have added a report including the number of clicks,Click through rate (CTR %), effective CPM(eCPM)-This is usually there in almost every ad network.
  2. The monthly revenue graph- Which displays daily statistics i.e the number of clicks in each day of the month(is in some of the ad networks)

  3. Keyword Reporting - The most important feature, It gives the clcik through rate per keyword

  4. URL Reporting - As kontera can be used in any website therefore you need stats according to URL. Kontera provides the CTR rate for the 20 URL's in a week

  5. Now easily change colour with a small color selector as and when you want.

Visit kontera

Monday, January 28, 2008

ScratchBack Widget Design Contest

I told you about a new concept by Scrachback which displays text links which can be sold at user pricing. Now they wanted unique designs for thier widgets so they started a widget design contest.

This is my design:

My widget design no is: 26

Now the winner will be selected on a voting basis so please vote for me:

visit this site to see my widget

To vote to my design
mail to:info@scratchback.com


Thursday, January 24, 2008

i got sign up bonus from Money4banners

Maney4banners is the best ad possible for bloggers and wordpress users because the ads are in HTML format and they pay on a monthly basis.As in my earlier post i told you that they offer 10 pound sign up bonus = 19.29$. I received my sign up bonus yesterday !!!.

And the best thing of it all i will get 5 pound per month per blog i submit. Isn't this great.

Join Money4banners

Monday, January 21, 2008

Bidvertiser Feed ADS adding more features

As i mentioned in my previous post bidvertiser has launched its new feeds.
The problem with their feeds was that no tracking could be done as they provided a separate feed containing feed ads.

Bidvertiser has added new features to feed ads which are as foloows:

  1. Wordpress plugin for wordpress users which makes it easier to embed into websites.
  2. Ad codes that can be placed in feedburner feeds which i think was the most necessary because i was not able to track my feed subscribers easily.
  3. Now blogger ads can easily placed in the footer on each and every post feeds.

Here are ways to add link to feedburner so you can view its statistics from feedburner

Here is a way to add ads to footer of every post in feeds

Join bidvertiser

Saturday, January 19, 2008

ADSENSE's Second Thought about removing adsense referalls

As i wrote in my previous post that adsense is removing referrals for publishers outside North America, Latin America, or Japan will not get any commision even if the referred users are from these countries.

Due to revolt and unhappiness of the publishers and many responses they received from fellow bloggers they have decided to give publishers referral income to all publishers referring publishers from North America, Latin America, or Japan

Adsense stated:

The changes to referrals promoting AdSense will now depend on where your users are located, regardless of your location as a publisher. You'll earn $100 for every user you refer to AdSense who is located in North America, Latin America or Japan when they generate $100 in AdSense revenue within 180 days and they remove all payment holds. You'll no longer be paid for users you refer who are located elsewhere. These changes will go into effect the last week of January.

So it is a win-win situation for both the publishers and adsense.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Make money from HTML advertisements on blogs

On my quest for new and good ways to monetize a website i came across a very good site Money4banners. The great thing about this site that it offers flat rate of 5 pounds per month display of three full banner ads(468X60). It requires submission of 3 URLS of the same domain name.The max number of ads displayed per domain is fixed to 3.

But one can submit more than one domain.So you are getting a recurring 5 pound per domain.

It is best monetization technique for bloggers who aren't earning from adsense.

For blogspot users - the HTML code provided by money4 banners can embedded in any three blog posts

Here is an example

Money4banners is offering a 10 pound sign up bonus Join now!

Money4Banners.com will not accept sites with offensive or inappropriate content or sites whose content relates to forums and reserves the right to reject any website from using its service that contain the following:

* Sites with duplicate or copied content
* All Pornography/Nudity/Sexuality
* Spam
* Racist Content
* Copyright infringement
* Illegal activities
* Illegal Software/Hacking
* URLs which are a referral/affiliate account for a parent site
* Get Rich Quick site
* Casino/Gambling site
* Sites containing popup
* Site that resizes the browser to full screen
* Racist, sexist bulletin boards
* If on a BBS, you must be moderated for foul and inflammatory language

Money4Banners.com performs quality checks on all sites within Money4Banners.com network. Any site considered unsuitable may be removed, this includes:

* Unsuitable content
* Failure to update the adverts
* Failure to place the adverts
* Prescription Pharmaceuticals
* Trip Filter
* Cloaking
* If a publisher at any time provides false information.


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Adsense Refferal program being removed

Adsense is removing adsense refferals for users outside North America, Latin America, and Japan. Is it fair for us. I don't think so,i am getting my traffic from US and have increased my revenue by refferals. Acoording to adsense these regions are not performing very well(outside North America, Latin America, and Japan).

Adsense quotes:

For publishers not located in any of the three regions detailed above, we'll soon be retiring referrals promoting AdSense. We've found that this referral product has not performed as well as we had hoped in these regions. Again, please keep in mind that you can still generate referrals for the other products listed under the 'Referrals' section of your AdSense Setup tab.

Soon, you'll no longer see the option to create a referral button for AdSense in your account, although existing buttons will display as normal. This specific referral type will then be retired during the last week of January - any users who meet the conversion criteria (reaching $100 in earnings within 180 days of sign-up and removing all payment holds) before the change will generate earnings of $250 for the referring publishers. Any conversions which occur after this change is made will not be recorded in your account. You may wish to begin replacing any existing referrals promoting AdSense with referrals for another product or an AdSense for content unit.

I must say if they aren't you can still have lesser commision for each refferal in these regions, but the refferals should not be removed.
Many of the site's sole income source is by reffering users to adsense and other ad networks.

What do you say,give your views and enter the poll on the right sidebar.

Inside AdSense: Upcoming referrals changes

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Kontera's New Publisher Center with new features(Beta)

Kontera's publisher center had minimal features and no help,no way to change without changing the code.

Kontera's listened to publisher's plea and has started a new Publisher center which is now in beta which has many cool features .

Kontera said:

We are excited to tell you about the Publisher Center, with a brand new interface, turning ContentLink™ integration and tracking into a richer experience than before.

As we see it, it’s all a matter of flexibility and control. We aim to make ContentLinks flexible to your needs while granting you greater control over your preferences. The Publisher Center is a first step as we have many more new plans and developments in store.

Features of the new Puvlisher's Center:

    • Custom reports:
    Now custom reports can be displayed with the help of graphs and charts.

  • Enhanced Tracking:Enhanced tracking facilities which enables keyword reporting which is a feature,not found in major ad networks like adsense.

  • Easy Account Updates: Now users can easily update their Conatct and Account information

  • Color Customization: This feature was much needed i don't know why kontera took so much time making this feature available.Users can easily update the colour of the link by choosing a color from the palette.Now users can easily do it without changing the code which takes more time.

  • Knowedge Base:Knowledge base is similar to help center which provides expert tips to earn more revenue from ads by better placement and optimization. Visit Knowledge base

  • Saturday, January 5, 2008


    I had started using WidgetBucks about a month ago. First i was impressed by the PPC Widgets and i got an awesome 0.18 $ per click after that i read in some article that widgetbucks will accept clicks only from US/CANADA. This decreased my earnings so i was getting only 0.18 $
    per week. As this announcement was decreasing widgetbuck's popularity they announced the new CPM Ads. Since then I am using their CPM ads.

    In this month my widgets had 6841 impressions and i earned 0.43 $ from them.

    In some widgets there were more than 150 impressions still i didn't earn any money.

    In the beggining these ads gave an average CPM of 0.08 $ but after 20 days it decreased to an average of 0.06 $.

    Widgetbuck's CPM ad reporting system has many flaws :

    • They don't have daily reports.(It was very bugging to see weekly reports and then manually calculating daily earnings).
    • There is no reporting mechanism for CPM rates of Individual ads displayed.
    • I cannot block any unneccessary ad(Many a times i saw some ads which were not family friendly like johnqtv ads).
    • The CPM rates are very low compared to other Ad networks like ADBRITE.

    Tell me about your experience. Please Reply

    Thursday, January 3, 2008

    Bidvertiser launches new Feed Ads

    Bidvertiser has added a new feature the new feed ads.Bidvertiser has solved theproblem to monetize feed ads.Google also provides ads which can be added but only 3 ads are displayed whereas the bidvertiser shows one ad after every post.
    These ads are displayed on a bidding basis and therefore we get maximum money out of it.

    How to add my feed ads:

    Instructions by Bidvertiser are as follows:
    1. Login to your publisher account and click "Add New BidVertiser". During the Public Beta, you may also click the "Public Beta" link. If you are new to BidVertiser, click here to create a publisher account.

    2. Make sure you are under the BidVertiser for your Feed tab.

    3. Provide your feed URL and title and click Next.

    4. Verify your feed ownership by adding a temporary post with a unique verification code we provide you with.

    5. Choose your favorite multiple-subscription Feed Widget and add it to your website or blog.

    Bidvertiser provides a new feed url where ads are displyed after each post.
    If you are already using bidvertiser then the feed ads will be diplayed for the same domain as that of your website whose feed you are monetizing.

    visit my feed to see a preview http://feeds.bidvertiser.com/MakeMoneyFromYourSite

    Join Bidvertiser

    Tuesday, January 1, 2008

    Bloggers earn money for showing your pictures and videos

    Bloggers can earn money by uploading their pics and videos to money making sites and earn money for every view.

    Shareapic.net has a launched a new picture uploading service which pays you flat 0.22$ cost per thousand impressions for your pics that means impresions of all the photos you have uploaded- so the more the upload the more is the money you earn and get a free image hosting service with no size restrictions. Here you earn only when a person visits the picture on shareapic.net so i suggest to put a small picture linking to the original picture and hence can earn more.

    Revver Video Ads - Video Ads for your video,share your videos on revver.com and embed them on your site you get money for both CPM and CPC ads,this is more profitable for users whose video views are not very high as compared to those in metacafe.com

    Happy New Year

    Happy new year to everybody.

    Hope u make more money from your sites and have fun in this new year celebrations.