Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Kontera's New Publisher Center Up and Moving

Kontera's Publisher Center is on. Kontera have started the new publisher's center which was in beta stage as earlier posted.

I used Kontera just for trial basis in a small blog and viewed their stats.

I must say the stats reporting is awesome and may be the best in the ad networks.

It includes many features rarely to to be found in ad reports.

I would list some of its prominent features:

  1. They have added a report including the number of clicks,Click through rate (CTR %), effective CPM(eCPM)-This is usually there in almost every ad network.
  2. The monthly revenue graph- Which displays daily statistics i.e the number of clicks in each day of the month(is in some of the ad networks)

  3. Keyword Reporting - The most important feature, It gives the clcik through rate per keyword

  4. URL Reporting - As kontera can be used in any website therefore you need stats according to URL. Kontera provides the CTR rate for the 20 URL's in a week

  5. Now easily change colour with a small color selector as and when you want.

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