Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Kontera's New Publisher Center with new features(Beta)

Kontera's publisher center had minimal features and no help,no way to change without changing the code.

Kontera's listened to publisher's plea and has started a new Publisher center which is now in beta which has many cool features .

Kontera said:

We are excited to tell you about the Publisher Center, with a brand new interface, turning ContentLink™ integration and tracking into a richer experience than before.

As we see it, it’s all a matter of flexibility and control. We aim to make ContentLinks flexible to your needs while granting you greater control over your preferences. The Publisher Center is a first step as we have many more new plans and developments in store.

Features of the new Puvlisher's Center:

    • Custom reports:
    Now custom reports can be displayed with the help of graphs and charts.

  • Enhanced Tracking:Enhanced tracking facilities which enables keyword reporting which is a feature,not found in major ad networks like adsense.

  • Easy Account Updates: Now users can easily update their Conatct and Account information

  • Color Customization: This feature was much needed i don't know why kontera took so much time making this feature available.Users can easily update the colour of the link by choosing a color from the palette.Now users can easily do it without changing the code which takes more time.

  • Knowedge Base:Knowledge base is similar to help center which provides expert tips to earn more revenue from ads by better placement and optimization. Visit Knowledge base

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