Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Adsense Refferal program being removed

Adsense is removing adsense refferals for users outside North America, Latin America, and Japan. Is it fair for us. I don't think so,i am getting my traffic from US and have increased my revenue by refferals. Acoording to adsense these regions are not performing very well(outside North America, Latin America, and Japan).

Adsense quotes:

For publishers not located in any of the three regions detailed above, we'll soon be retiring referrals promoting AdSense. We've found that this referral product has not performed as well as we had hoped in these regions. Again, please keep in mind that you can still generate referrals for the other products listed under the 'Referrals' section of your AdSense Setup tab.

Soon, you'll no longer see the option to create a referral button for AdSense in your account, although existing buttons will display as normal. This specific referral type will then be retired during the last week of January - any users who meet the conversion criteria (reaching $100 in earnings within 180 days of sign-up and removing all payment holds) before the change will generate earnings of $250 for the referring publishers. Any conversions which occur after this change is made will not be recorded in your account. You may wish to begin replacing any existing referrals promoting AdSense with referrals for another product or an AdSense for content unit.

I must say if they aren't you can still have lesser commision for each refferal in these regions, but the refferals should not be removed.
Many of the site's sole income source is by reffering users to adsense and other ad networks.

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Inside AdSense: Upcoming referrals changes

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