Monday, December 31, 2007

ScratchBack Widgets

Text-Link-Ads has added the new scratchbackwidget which allows to earn a tip for every link purchased on the topsites

You have to just to have a widget and you can add a custom price per link from 1$ to any price according to the popularity of the site.

Just add the code to template and widget will be installed.
You can approve the links manually or automatically.

This features makes advertising and link publishing as simple as it gets

visit Scratchback to sign up

This is in effect cause google is decreasing page ranks of sites using Text-Link-Ads

ScratchBack is a good program for website owners and advertisers.

Website Owners(Publishers):

Publishers can display links to other sites and also getting paid for it. what is to be done is :

1. Sign up for scratchback

2. Choose custom widget template which blends with the site.

3. Choose the number of links to be displyed (5-20 links).

4. Choose the price per link (should be more than 1$ per link).

5. Copy code and paste it on your website

Just see now you can see the link. Now everytime an advertisers buys or tips you, you can approve it and get 90% of the price per link, 10 % goes to scratch back.

Payments are made via paypal and threshold is 25$ after which payments are made.


For Advertisers it is an easy way to publicize and increase in rankings in searches and sites like technorat etc and just paying a few dollars compared to putting ads which do not get that relevant traffic.

ScartchBack has started a contest to create a new design for scratch back widgets

ScratchBack TopSpot widget design contest. All you have to do is design a new ScratchBack widget using the requirements below, then submit it to us, and we’ll let our users vote on the winner.

And the winner gets 200$ via paypal

For more info visit ScratchYourBack

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Blip tv Video ads

Share Videos Get Paid :

Podcasters Can Earn revenue from their videos by submitting them to :

a. Blip tv - Blip tv offers various types of ad formats.
  1. Preroll - Sponsor's video is displayed before the video.
  2. Midroll - Sponsor's video is displayed in between the video and the video resumes after the ad is displayed.
  3. Postroll - The video ads upto 30 seconds long or even text ads are displayed after the video end.
  4. Adjacent - These ads are displayed adjacent to player. This ad is best,the most relevant form of advertising. Blip uses its unique speech recognition. Now for some part if you are talking about mortgage, ads related to mortgage will be displayed and for the second part the video is talking about finance ads related to finance will be displayed
  5. Overlay - The video ad is displayed as a part of the video and plays for about 30 sec to a minute.
Blip tv offers a Blip blend which blends the video with sponsor's ad and which is less intrusive and earns more than custom blends.

The amount of revenue depends on the number of plays.

Ads displayed are based on bidding basis ( So there is more chance for ads to displayed if the video is very popular).And there is a chance that no ads are displayed if the number of plays are very less say about less than 100.

Blog Listings and Indexing in search

Get Your Blog Indexed. Reach to new traffic.

Top Sites To Submit Blog :

  1. BlogCatalog
  2. MyBlogLog
  3. Blog Rankings
  4. Bloghub.Com
  5. Blog Announce
  6. Blog Listings

Add to your site to search Engines And Site Directories

  1. Google
  2. Yahoo
  3. AltaVista
  4. AllTheWeb
  5. Dmoz Directory

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Optimize Your Searches - Use Dicountclick

I think the best way to increase the number of viewers is by Search Engine Optimization(SEO). I found this great site DiscountClick which provides ways to increases your website's rank in major search engines like google,yahoo,msn and AOL and results appear in just 2-4 weeks. DiscountCLick offers various solutions for Search Engine Marketing:

  1. Keyword Reports: Reports related to various keywords will be displayed and which will tell you rank in searches according to the keywords.
  2. Link Building Services: DiscountClick optimizes your site by its link popularity campaign with very low prices a 50$ for ( Manual Link Building Link Popularity Services Per Link). Increasing the number of links increases rank in search engines and hence popularizes the site.
  3. Pay Per Click Setup and Tracking : This is the best feature increases the relevancy of your site and increases Click Through Rate.It also serves banner ads which may be more relevant than PPC ads for some sites.
This package will help you publicize your website in a better way.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Facebook Applications - money making machines

Due to its rapidly increasing popularity Facebook has become a new medium to sell online services and products. Facebook acts as a platform to publicize blogs and earn revenue from it.

I am going to talk about ways to earn $$$ from Facebook Applications.

  1. The best way to monetize your facebook application is by adding Adbrite. Due to various options available Adbrite has started it's new ad solution Facebook ads.

For Facebook Developers this is the best way to increase earnings,
these ads are based on per impression basis(CPM ads) and the ad places are sold to maximum bid. Publishers can also block advertisers showing irrelevant ads.

AD Placement :The ads should be placed on the top and bottom of the facebook applications.

Ads can also be placed on inside your application as is shown in the image above.

Top publishers: , Rock you , Ilike , Fight Club

The second way is the best for bloggers - It serves two purposes

  1. Publicizing your blog.
  2. Earning $$$ from it.

You maybe thinking how is it possible ???

It is possible. How i'll tell you

Widgetbox has added new ways to convert their widgets to Facebook Application.

Blog ------------------> Blidget---------------->Facebook Application

Widgetbox doesn't give any details of the earnings but promises to send quarterly earnings by paypal.

Best part is no coding is required to make the application and is an easy way to promote across the web.

Express your views.

Feed ADS

I have always wanted to increase my revenue from feed ads. I tried many programs like adsense,Widgetbucks,bidvertiser and adbrite.

For adding feed ads to my blog feed(in blogger), I copied the ad code and pasted it on the post-feed footer.

The best performing ads were ads from adbrite, because of its dual nature having both CPC(Cost Per Click ) Ads and CPM(Cost Per Impressions) Ads. These ads earned me more by the number of impressions because the number of ads = number of feeds = 25(for feedburner).

The best thing is i get 25 ads per view instead of 3 from adsense.

And this increases my chance to earn by 8 times !!!!

Adbrite Invideo

Adbrite has launched it's new product Invideo. This feature allows publishers to monetize from their flv videos. The adbrite converts the flv video to money making machine.

The only problem is that Adbrite doesn't have an option to upload files on their server.
So Videos have to be hosted on other hosting sites.

Afetr two, three days of research i came up with a site allows users to upload their videos.

Now to put the links of the video in adbrite Invideo form, go to share button near my shows and copy the link of the .flv file and paste it on the adbrite invideo.

After completing all the steps copy the code and paste it to your site.

Friday, December 21, 2007

New -Manage Ads

Manage ads with new improved functionality and features.

I got sick and tired of seeing inactive adsense codes in my Manage ads section and i was not able delete because google had not provided any option.
But now they have added a new feature which they call "hide and seek"
In this option the inactive ads can be hidden by checking by an option hide.

In order to see hidden ads we have to check the show hidden ads checkbox and the hidden ads appear.

This option is provided is provided by adsense so that there is no need to delete inactive code.

Way to go Adsense.Thumbs up.

Inside AdSense: Manage Ads gives you more ad functionality

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Alexa Ranking- Questions Finally Answered

Alexa is a website which ranks websites on the internet on the basis of their popularity.

I usually wondered how the
Alexa ranking is calculated.

Is it based on the number of page views or the number of unique visitors or is it based on the number of sites linking to it.

One among the inquisitive few asked Alexa about it and this was the reply they gave:

Thank you for contacting Alexa Internet.

Alexa bases all ranking information on the web usage of Alexa Toolbar users. We do
not have access to any web site's private usage logs. For more detailed information
about Alexa's traffic rankings, you can visit:

Now, as we said above, Alexa's traffic rankings are based on the usage patterns of
Alexa Toolbar users over a rolling 3 month period. A site's ranking is based on a
combined measure of Reach and Page Views. Reach is the percentage of internet users
who visit a site. Page Views are the average number of Alexa user URL requests for a
site, per Toolbar user. However, multiple requests for the same URL on the same day
by the same user are counted as a single Page View. The site with the highest
combination of users and Page Views is ranked #1.

Please also note that sites with relatively low measured traffic will not be
accurately ranked by Alexa. Alexa's data comes from a large sample of several
million Alexa Toolbar users; however, we do not receive enough data from our users
to make rankings over 100,000+ statistically meaningful. (Conversely, the closer a
site gets to #1, the more reliable its rank.) This means that, for example, the
difference in traffic between a site ranked 400,000 and a site ranked 800,000 is
statistically negligible. Sites ranked 100,000+ are subject to large ranking swings
due to the scarcity of data for those sites. In such cases, a single user (or the
lack of one) can make a dramatic impact.

We appreciate your interest in Alexa.

So alexa ranking largely depends on the number of visitors having alexa toolbar installed on their browsers.

For Lower ranking sites there can be a situation that the Alexa ranking is low compared to another site but has more number of page views than the other site.

So guarantee of Alexa ranking is only for sites having ranking less than 100,000

Monday, December 17, 2007


Widgetbucks launched it's new International CPM(Cost Per Impression) ADS on December 11,2007. These ads will be shown in countries other than US/CANADA and earning will be depend on the number of impressions.

This announcement was made so that publishers having viewers from other countries can also monetize their website.
Earlier Widgetbucks announced that they will not be including clicks sites other than US/CANADA
This announcement led to the decrease in popularity of this ad program because many of the publishers belonged to other countries.

To activate CPM ADS publishers need to replace existing code with new WidgetBucks ad code on their sites. To update your widget(s), simply click "Copy HTML" within the "Customize Your Widget" page for that widget and re-paste/replace the code block into your site. The updated code -- which has been greatly simplified and reduced in length -- can also be replaced directly into the Blogger, TypePad or WordPress blogging platforms.

These ads have different price per Impression in different countries.
As it is in its initial phase so the price per thoushand impressions is not very high but i suspect it will increase in the days to come.

According to the Widgetbucks blog in their latest post:

If you are in the US/Canada, then you will see the widget. Only site visitors outside of the US/Canada will see a CPM ad instead of the widget. Early in the rollout, we noticed a number of people asking about not seeing CPM ads internationally, but using a proxy server on our side, we have not been able to replicate this. In fact, on our blog threads, other commenters have indicated they can actually see the ads a publisher is indicating they can't see on their own sites. We continue to look into it and will monitor comments on this to see if it is persisting.

And they also mentioned about price of the CPM Ads

Rates are definitely varying by country (and see the question below on non- or low-paying regions). Most countries are ranging between $0.25 and $0.80 CPM, depending on ad size. In general, the 468x60, 728x90, and 160x600 ad sizes yield higher than the 300x250, and much more than 120x600 or 250x250.

I have placed a banner size widget at the bottom,
At this moment I am getting a CPM 0.10$ per thousand impression,maybe if you reside in another country you maybe able to see the ads.

This is the snapshot of one of the CPM ads:

These images are scaled to fit, click on these images for a larger view.

Full Banner(468x60)

Leaderboard (728x90)

Wide Skyscraper(160x600)

Another new feature added on Widgetbucks is the new Reporting feature.

The new Reports include new CPM repots and also Referrals.
There is a flaw in the reporting system that price of the ads displayed is not mentioned. More detailed report of the ads should be shown,the name of the advertiser whose ad is being displayed.There should be an option to block ads according to the publisher's choice.

Here is a snapshot

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

How Is the money earned from google adsense calculated

Adsense allow web site publishers with content-centric web sites to add a substantial revenue stream to their site by adding contextual advertising, which can generate revenue anywhere from a few pennies a day to thousands of dollars per month.

The formula for success in the Adsense is fairly simple.

(clicks of Visitors) X (Clickthrough percentage %) X (Ad Value) = Income you earn

Therefore earnings are more the value of the ad is more and it depends on the keywords of your site.

To see the most profitable keywords visit:

Most Profitable keywords


Earn $$ with WidgetBucks!

WidgetBucks is a new CPC(Cost Per Click) Program From Mpire Productions.Widgetbucks provides various types of widgets having different shapes,sizes and styles.These Widgets are very interactive and have a good look and feel.These widgets have greater impact on viewers than any other money making widget.These Widgets contain Products like cameras,cellphones,PDA,Gaming Consoles,Softwares and many other Products Sold online.It earns you more than many of the present AD Publishing Programs.It earns you more money If your website targets certain type of products for eg. sites having Gadget reviews,Photography lessons and many other such sites which have viewers looking for specific data.

These Widgets have a Merchsense crawler which can display products related to your site by crawling through your content.If you don't want this feature you can select from different categories such as Pda,software,Electronics etc.

These widgets display about 10 best products on the widgets and each product is displayed individually and rotation between each product can be set from 1 to 10 seconds.

Best thing is that it is a relatively new Program and that is why they are giving a 25$ sign up Bonus and once you have earned another 25$ you can get your payment via paypal.

Widgetbucks offers many styles like:

Wide Skyscraper(160x600)
Medium Rectangle(300x250)
Full banner468x90)
Blog Sidebar(160x300)
Square Pop up(250x250)

Inside AdSense: Save your top queries

Now your adsense for search reports will be removed if they are older than a year. If you want that any specific report not to be deleted you should save them before December 10th.After that all the earlier reports will be deleted.
This step is taken by google to remove unnecessary data in their servers.

See this pic:

As quoted by adsense:
IF You use adsense for search i shall let you know about an upcoming change on December 10th that will affect your top queries reports. To prepare for a few upcoming reporting enhancements, top queries data older than a year old will no longer be available. In other words, you'll only be able to view top queries reports dating back one year from the day you're generating the report.

If you have important top queries data which are older than a year old, please run any appropriate reports and save them before December 10th. You may also wish to generate a report dating from the date you started with AdSense for search to today, as data not within the one year window will be continuously removed.
Inside AdSense: Save your top queries

Sunday, December 2, 2007


ADBRITE is a good ad publishing program and it works for those people who have more number of daily impressions(i.e more number of page views) and may as well work for websites for which google adsense and other CPC(cost per click ads) ads do not work very well like joke sites and sites like

ADBRITE various solutions for ad publishing

1.Banner Ads: These ADS are image banners and payment is in the form dollars per thousand impressions. It is a useful option when CPC ads are not that effecient. Even my site was not earning anything but after these ads i got more money through the number of impressions.
These ads are usually available in 5 sizes

(1) 300x250 Medium Rectangle
(2)120x600 SkyScraper
(3)160x200 Wide SkyScraper
(4)768x90 Leaderboard
(5)468x90 Banner

2.Text ADS: The Best thing about ADBRITE program is that it still contains CPC ADS. SO you have both options Text ads and Banner Ads.If The website is very popular TEXT ADS are sold on monthly basis.For example You are paid 5$ for placing the ad on your site for 1 month.These text ads are displayed in the same area where the Banners are placed and these ads and the banner ads are continuously rotated after some time.

3.Full Page ADS: This is a new concept developed by adbrite is very interesting. If users views more than one page of your site after certain number of ad impressions(1,2,3,4,5) specified by the publisher the site is redirected to a site of the advertiser in the same frame itself.
The best thing about these ads are that you are paid per ad view.

4.Inline ADS: Another feature of ADBRITE is the inline ads,these ads are linked to the content of your post and is therefore more relevant than other ads. And guess there is more chance of a person clicking on the ad than any other ad.

All these features in one ad.Isn't it Great.Seems to me it is a good option.

The Best thing is the ads displayed on the site are sold by bidding process and you can also filter the ads to be displayed or let ADBRITE do it for you by Auto-Approve ADS option.