Thursday, January 3, 2008

Bidvertiser launches new Feed Ads

Bidvertiser has added a new feature the new feed ads.Bidvertiser has solved theproblem to monetize feed ads.Google also provides ads which can be added but only 3 ads are displayed whereas the bidvertiser shows one ad after every post.
These ads are displayed on a bidding basis and therefore we get maximum money out of it.

How to add my feed ads:

Instructions by Bidvertiser are as follows:
1. Login to your publisher account and click "Add New BidVertiser". During the Public Beta, you may also click the "Public Beta" link. If you are new to BidVertiser, click here to create a publisher account.

2. Make sure you are under the BidVertiser for your Feed tab.

3. Provide your feed URL and title and click Next.

4. Verify your feed ownership by adding a temporary post with a unique verification code we provide you with.

5. Choose your favorite multiple-subscription Feed Widget and add it to your website or blog.

Bidvertiser provides a new feed url where ads are displyed after each post.
If you are already using bidvertiser then the feed ads will be diplayed for the same domain as that of your website whose feed you are monetizing.

visit my feed to see a preview

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