Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Make money from HTML advertisements on blogs

On my quest for new and good ways to monetize a website i came across a very good site Money4banners. The great thing about this site that it offers flat rate of 5 pounds per month display of three full banner ads(468X60). It requires submission of 3 URLS of the same domain name.The max number of ads displayed per domain is fixed to 3.

But one can submit more than one domain.So you are getting a recurring 5 pound per domain.

It is best monetization technique for bloggers who aren't earning from adsense.

For blogspot users - the HTML code provided by money4 banners can embedded in any three blog posts

Here is an example

Money4banners is offering a 10 pound sign up bonus Join now!

Money4Banners.com will not accept sites with offensive or inappropriate content or sites whose content relates to forums and reserves the right to reject any website from using its service that contain the following:

* Sites with duplicate or copied content
* All Pornography/Nudity/Sexuality
* Spam
* Racist Content
* Copyright infringement
* Illegal activities
* Illegal Software/Hacking
* URLs which are a referral/affiliate account for a parent site
* Get Rich Quick site
* Casino/Gambling site
* Sites containing popup
* Site that resizes the browser to full screen
* Racist, sexist bulletin boards
* If on a BBS, you must be moderated for foul and inflammatory language

Money4Banners.com performs quality checks on all sites within Money4Banners.com network. Any site considered unsuitable may be removed, this includes:

* Unsuitable content
* Failure to update the adverts
* Failure to place the adverts
* Prescription Pharmaceuticals
* Trip Filter
* Cloaking
* If a publisher at any time provides false information.


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