Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Bloggers earn money for showing your pictures and videos

Bloggers can earn money by uploading their pics and videos to money making sites and earn money for every view.

Shareapic.net has a launched a new picture uploading service which pays you flat 0.22$ cost per thousand impressions for your pics that means impresions of all the photos you have uploaded- so the more the upload the more is the money you earn and get a free image hosting service with no size restrictions. Here you earn only when a person visits the picture on shareapic.net so i suggest to put a small picture linking to the original picture and hence can earn more.

Revver Video Ads - Video Ads for your video,share your videos on revver.com and embed them on your site you get money for both CPM and CPC ads,this is more profitable for users whose video views are not very high as compared to those in metacafe.com

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Anonymous said...

I really like reading you =) .. I’m a new blogger and I'm confused u_u, all webpages talk about making money for hosting videos, but not all of them are good =/ . My cousin recommended me to visit (vismomedia.com) , he said I’ts a good webpage for bloggers. What’s your opinion ¿?