Friday, February 15, 2008

Adtoll offering good deal for advertisers

Adtoll is offering a mighty deal to its advertisers its offering 4 cent per click ads for Run Of Site ads with no targeting.


These ads look like this

You can buy an ad design at low price of 10$ or make it yourself
Best of all it is a new type of ad and also it is a very good form of advertising.

for more info visit my older post Peel Away Ads

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Monday, February 11, 2008

Adtoll Peel Away Ads

AdToll Peel Away Ads has been released!!.
I am on a quest to make the maximum amount possible by using as little space as possible and make it as less intrusive as possible.So i am presenting the new peel away ads

What are peel Away ads?

These ads appear on the right corner of your website which is usually unused.

It includes a text for example Special Offer and when your mouse is over the ad a 500X500 ad is displayed on your website like a peel of the original site as shown in the image below.

How Does It Benefit Publishers?

These ads can be CPC run of site ads or can be ads sold to advertisers on a daily,weekly or monthly basis.
It is an additional money making technique

How Does It Benefit Advertisers ?

Advertisers get better quality traffic and therefore get quality readership.
As it is a very good way to attract visitors, advertisers will achieve their campaign goals faster.

Advertisers can buy CPC Run of site ads.
At this time adtoll is giving 25% off on CPC Rum Of Site Ads

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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Smorty- Get Money for your opinion

Smorty is a service which gives money for your opinion about a website or a product.
I got to know about this site from doshdosh and liked it because it requires only one link to the advertiser's site and it requires your own original opinion.

How it Works?

You get paid to blog and the advertisers get a paid advertising for their blog. By this advertisement they get better traffic and therefore increase their viewership.

How Much they Pay?

The minimum amount per post is 6$ and the maximum money depends on the page rank of your website i.e. the more is the page rank the more money you get for a single post.

Smorty has a unique smorty scoring which increases as the more no of posts you submit successively. You get more money if youhave a better smorty score.

How Am I Paid?

They pay via paypal.
They Pay weekly and this is the feature i like the most because other blog advertising networks pay monthly or bi-weekly.

It takes around 72 hours to approve a blog.
The blog must be indexed by google and yahoo and should be 3 months old.