Saturday, March 28, 2009

Google Adsense Reports Embedded in Blogger

Today I saw a Monetize link next to the Layout link in my Blogger Dashboard

Blogger Monetize Link

On clicking on the link I saw an embedded Google Adsense Reports for the blog itself.
A much needed feature this will show reports seperate blogs, this will be quite handy as there are no channels for adsense available in blogger. So instead of these channels we can see reports of each Blog.

Adsense Reports Embedded in Blogger

Adsense Reports Embedded in Blogger

Plus in the coming days we might have other features such as layout of the adsense ads and also changing colours through palette


You will also see a new adsense channel of your blog in the google adsense reports which might look like this:

Blogger Channel

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bye Bye Google Video Ads

Inside AdSense: Sunsetting video units feature

Google Adsense reviews its products after certain period of time and it has found that the Google Video Units are not working. They are retiring this feature at the end of April. All the video ad units will be converted to youtube players and there will be no further earning from it.

It's a bad news for all the publishers who were earning a major amount from it. Plus it had a good revenue earning potential.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rotating Banner Ads

Rotating Ad Banners
Rotating Banners are required for showing various referral links. You can place these above your blog posts or on the header porion.

But the problem is we do not want to code it ourselves so here's a solution

You just require the link of the image to be displayed alongwith the link of the referral, and then you are up and running.
You can also change the size accordingly and determine the refresh rate.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pluck On Demand

Nowadays web advertising has reached a new level. New and different ideas have been developed by these ingenious minds. First there were shopping ad widgets made by the Widgetbucks.Pluck On Demand is one such great advertising idea.

Pluck On Demand combines quality content with advertising. Pluck On Demand adds substance to these websites by adding related content from various big sites such as, etc. And to add to this the users can view and comment on this content. This means good quality content on your website and hence more number of page views. As this content comes bundled with advertisements and hence there is more revenue earning potential.

Pluck on Demand shows related content and tags according to the content of your website (as google adsense displays ads related to website content).It is javascript based and therefore will not affect search engine results.

It takes few minutes to complete the installation of all the widgets.If wou want to preview what content will be displayed on your site before signing up just visit this site

Pluck On Demand is patnered by Kontera.(You will see Text-In Advertising in all this content.)

Here is an instructional Video:

Add content and social media to any website -- powered by Pluck On Demand

The Beta version is available only for US publishers.

Publishers will be paid through paypal 30 days after 10$ are accrued to an account.