Saturday, January 5, 2008


I had started using WidgetBucks about a month ago. First i was impressed by the PPC Widgets and i got an awesome 0.18 $ per click after that i read in some article that widgetbucks will accept clicks only from US/CANADA. This decreased my earnings so i was getting only 0.18 $
per week. As this announcement was decreasing widgetbuck's popularity they announced the new CPM Ads. Since then I am using their CPM ads.

In this month my widgets had 6841 impressions and i earned 0.43 $ from them.

In some widgets there were more than 150 impressions still i didn't earn any money.

In the beggining these ads gave an average CPM of 0.08 $ but after 20 days it decreased to an average of 0.06 $.

Widgetbuck's CPM ad reporting system has many flaws :

  • They don't have daily reports.(It was very bugging to see weekly reports and then manually calculating daily earnings).
  • There is no reporting mechanism for CPM rates of Individual ads displayed.
  • I cannot block any unneccessary ad(Many a times i saw some ads which were not family friendly like johnqtv ads).
  • The CPM rates are very low compared to other Ad networks like ADBRITE.

Tell me about your experience. Please Reply


Credit Card Toplist said...

hey send me an e-mail , I am starting to think widgetbucks doesnt pay any money I think adsense at the moment is way better

Anonymous said...

Ehm, i still get paid from wigdetbucks. Its good and i will try my best soon.

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward for my first payment from widgetbucks