Sunday, April 26, 2009

LinkShowOff-Sell Links!!!

Earlier I talked about a service named ScratchBack which helps selling links the automated although choose to approve the advertisers manually. The main problem with ScratchBack was that they take 10% of your income which can be huge if your site is good, plus the minimum amount for payment was 25$ which can be huge for small publishers.

Another service similar to ScratchBack is launched named LinkShowOff. This service is relatively new but is better than ScratchBack because the minimum amount limit for payment is just 10$!!
We charge a small fixed transaction fee of $3 on every payout made monthly to our widget users

How are Links Placed then?

Links stay on the widget forever until they are bumped off by newer links. For example, if you set a max amount of five links on your widget and you achieve that number, the next link bought will take the place of the first link, the first link will be bumped down to the second link, and so on. The fifth link would be removed overall from the widget

So you see the concept is similar to ScratchBack.

You can display either 5,10,15 or 20 per widget.

Payments are paid through Paypal.

It is a good avenue to earn money through your site.Try it!
And If you wanna add your link just add to the widget right to this post.


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