Monday, December 31, 2007

ScratchBack Widgets

Text-Link-Ads has added the new scratchbackwidget which allows to earn a tip for every link purchased on the topsites

You have to just to have a widget and you can add a custom price per link from 1$ to any price according to the popularity of the site.

Just add the code to template and widget will be installed.
You can approve the links manually or automatically.

This features makes advertising and link publishing as simple as it gets

visit Scratchback to sign up

This is in effect cause google is decreasing page ranks of sites using Text-Link-Ads

ScratchBack is a good program for website owners and advertisers.

Website Owners(Publishers):

Publishers can display links to other sites and also getting paid for it. what is to be done is :

1. Sign up for scratchback

2. Choose custom widget template which blends with the site.

3. Choose the number of links to be displyed (5-20 links).

4. Choose the price per link (should be more than 1$ per link).

5. Copy code and paste it on your website

Just see now you can see the link. Now everytime an advertisers buys or tips you, you can approve it and get 90% of the price per link, 10 % goes to scratch back.

Payments are made via paypal and threshold is 25$ after which payments are made.


For Advertisers it is an easy way to publicize and increase in rankings in searches and sites like technorat etc and just paying a few dollars compared to putting ads which do not get that relevant traffic.

ScartchBack has started a contest to create a new design for scratch back widgets

ScratchBack TopSpot widget design contest. All you have to do is design a new ScratchBack widget using the requirements below, then submit it to us, and we’ll let our users vote on the winner.

And the winner gets 200$ via paypal

For more info visit ScratchYourBack

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