Saturday, December 29, 2007

Blip tv Video ads

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Podcasters Can Earn revenue from their videos by submitting them to :

a. Blip tv - Blip tv offers various types of ad formats.
  1. Preroll - Sponsor's video is displayed before the video.
  2. Midroll - Sponsor's video is displayed in between the video and the video resumes after the ad is displayed.
  3. Postroll - The video ads upto 30 seconds long or even text ads are displayed after the video end.
  4. Adjacent - These ads are displayed adjacent to player. This ad is best,the most relevant form of advertising. Blip uses its unique speech recognition. Now for some part if you are talking about mortgage, ads related to mortgage will be displayed and for the second part the video is talking about finance ads related to finance will be displayed
  5. Overlay - The video ad is displayed as a part of the video and plays for about 30 sec to a minute.
Blip tv offers a Blip blend which blends the video with sponsor's ad and which is less intrusive and earns more than custom blends.

The amount of revenue depends on the number of plays.

Ads displayed are based on bidding basis ( So there is more chance for ads to displayed if the video is very popular).And there is a chance that no ads are displayed if the number of plays are very less say about less than 100.

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