Thursday, November 22, 2007

GOLDEN Rules TO Place Your ADS

Advertisements work well only if the placement is right.The more the no of views maybe proportional to more number of conversions.

1. Place it on a place where it can be viewed the most like placing it between text or the left sidebar.Don't place it at the bottom-right because first of all not every person visits the whole page and secondly we always start reading from the left and so therefore the click through rate is very low compared to those placed in left top.

2.It is always advisable to put your ads pertaining your text ,google has crawler which automatically display ads relevant to the content.

3.Size Does Matter: The larger the size the more readable it is and the more number of ads can be displayed.First see even if it is an image ad the larger the size the more easy it becomes to see the ad.In Adsense we can display upto 5 ads.

4.Text Links: Text links blend with your content and hence can help increase revenue.
Text links are small and precise and very descriptive though image ads look good but they aren't ver helpful in increasing revenue.

5.Inline Ads : Inline ads link your data straight to the ads and are the links are in the data itself like if i have posted a post on adsense then the ad may link the adsense word to an advertisement.These are best you you have high number of page views

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