Saturday, December 22, 2007

Facebook Applications - money making machines

Due to its rapidly increasing popularity Facebook has become a new medium to sell online services and products. Facebook acts as a platform to publicize blogs and earn revenue from it.

I am going to talk about ways to earn $$$ from Facebook Applications.

  1. The best way to monetize your facebook application is by adding Adbrite. Due to various options available Adbrite has started it's new ad solution Facebook ads.

For Facebook Developers this is the best way to increase earnings,
these ads are based on per impression basis(CPM ads) and the ad places are sold to maximum bid. Publishers can also block advertisers showing irrelevant ads.

AD Placement :The ads should be placed on the top and bottom of the facebook applications.

Ads can also be placed on inside your application as is shown in the image above.

Top publishers: , Rock you , Ilike , Fight Club

The second way is the best for bloggers - It serves two purposes

  1. Publicizing your blog.
  2. Earning $$$ from it.

You maybe thinking how is it possible ???

It is possible. How i'll tell you

Widgetbox has added new ways to convert their widgets to Facebook Application.

Blog ------------------> Blidget---------------->Facebook Application

Widgetbox doesn't give any details of the earnings but promises to send quarterly earnings by paypal.

Best part is no coding is required to make the application and is an easy way to promote across the web.

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