Sunday, December 2, 2007


ADBRITE is a good ad publishing program and it works for those people who have more number of daily impressions(i.e more number of page views) and may as well work for websites for which google adsense and other CPC(cost per click ads) ads do not work very well like joke sites and sites like

ADBRITE various solutions for ad publishing

1.Banner Ads: These ADS are image banners and payment is in the form dollars per thousand impressions. It is a useful option when CPC ads are not that effecient. Even my site was not earning anything but after these ads i got more money through the number of impressions.
These ads are usually available in 5 sizes

(1) 300x250 Medium Rectangle
(2)120x600 SkyScraper
(3)160x200 Wide SkyScraper
(4)768x90 Leaderboard
(5)468x90 Banner

2.Text ADS: The Best thing about ADBRITE program is that it still contains CPC ADS. SO you have both options Text ads and Banner Ads.If The website is very popular TEXT ADS are sold on monthly basis.For example You are paid 5$ for placing the ad on your site for 1 month.These text ads are displayed in the same area where the Banners are placed and these ads and the banner ads are continuously rotated after some time.

3.Full Page ADS: This is a new concept developed by adbrite is very interesting. If users views more than one page of your site after certain number of ad impressions(1,2,3,4,5) specified by the publisher the site is redirected to a site of the advertiser in the same frame itself.
The best thing about these ads are that you are paid per ad view.

4.Inline ADS: Another feature of ADBRITE is the inline ads,these ads are linked to the content of your post and is therefore more relevant than other ads. And guess there is more chance of a person clicking on the ad than any other ad.

All these features in one ad.Isn't it Great.Seems to me it is a good option.

The Best thing is the ads displayed on the site are sold by bidding process and you can also filter the ads to be displayed or let ADBRITE do it for you by Auto-Approve ADS option.

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